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Alignment Into the rapid Transition

Our Services

Registrations & Qualifications

❖ Lead Pre-qualification with PIF’s Affiliates.

❖ Apply Registration with End Users and EPC Contractors.

❖ Prepare Qualifications Documents.

❖ Assure Vendor Approval.

Marketing & Business Development

❖ Specify the Products and Services.

❖ Study Market Opportunities and Strategic Projects Leads.

❖ Segment the Potential Customers.

❖ Prepare and Implement the Marketing Plan.

❖ Collect the RFQ’s and Tenders.

❖ Communicate with Estimation Team.

❖ Send the Proposals.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment 

❖ Prepare Integrated Management System.

❖ Prepare Process Procedures.

❖ Formulate Check Lists and Forms.

❖ Plan and Preform Audits.

❖ Develop Records of Previous Projects.

 ❖ Improve Supply Chain Management

ARAMCO IKTVA , 9COM and Bid slate

❖ Prepare and implement 9COM Documents .

❖ Prepare and implement bid slate Documents .

❖ Prepare IKTVA Plan.

Integrating With Excellence 

IMSS take strong to register all type and sizes of orgonization to be 

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